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Accidently ended up in the sign business...


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Hi there again. I found this board when reasearching a cutter for craft use a while back. Anyone seen those Wishblade or CraftRobo machines? They're just little Rolands with an adhesive board to hold the paper and really crappy software that only works with their overpriced fonts & clipart. Plus they only work on PC's. I liked the idea - but not the limitations.

You guys were great at answering my questions and I ended up buying a cheap eBay cutter & FlexiStart for craft use. Everything has been going great. The design/software part has been easy enough - I've been a graphic artist in printing for over 15 years now. This been a great way to go back to the fun hands-on stuff like when I used to paste up camera-ready art. Now everything is direct-to-plate and I find myself missing the cut-and-paste aspect that you don't get from a computer monitor and imagesetter.

Well, next thing you know, word got out after I made a few little things for family members and I accidentally ended up in the sign business.

I've been cranking out banners and coroplast signage for our small-town sesquicentennial and booster club for the past few weeks and all the tips here have been great! I haven't done anything too fancy yet - but the signage I've done is a far cry from the sharpies and poster board that we usually grace our local events. I'm not planning on going into permanent signage. We already have a fabulous sign guy who hand-paints that has that market cornered around here.

When things slow down a bit, I'll try to lurk less and post more, but for now, just wanted to say hi!
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