Ace Transfer Rocks!!!!

Air Art Girl

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I have used FM Expressions in the past for my custom heat transfer and after 2 unacceptable customer service issues and being treated as if they didn't care for my business I gave Ace Transfer a try. I saw good things posted here about them so placed an order.

Holy crap, I guess you don't know what you don't know. 10 times better customer service and 10 times better end product.

Already placed 2 more orders with them. They phone confirm every order to make sure details are correct. I was blown away and happy the FM pissed me off!!

In today's business world if you don't have customer service, you don't have $h!t. There are others out there willing to give great customer service with a great product to get your business. Those that can't give it don't deserve my business.
Thank you Ace Transfer!


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I use Ace for all my shipping. They are the fastest and best priced. The local guy is awsome to deal with. Far better than the others.


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Central I do not think she is talking about the ACE we are familiar with......She is talking about the company that makes heat transfers.....

Air Art Girl

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I got a 1 color logo applied to 100% cotton. It was a hot peel product.

The hand is super soft and way better then FM transfers. I was really impressed.

Here is a link to Ace Transfer. I'm not sure who it was but someone here long ago posted they used Ace and was very happy. I'm just glad I got a chance to try them. They did send a sample pack with my order and will do the same for you. I cut one of the transfers and tried it on an "oh $h!t" before I put them on the customer garment and could not believe how nice it was.


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Have you had a chance to try any of Ace's white transfers on black tees? If so, how did they do? I haven't found too many companies that can do a good job of white on black.



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We make 90% of our transfers in house but we have used actransco in a pinch and they have been good to us also.

White on black is a hard transfer to make we have a process we have used to double coat the white for black and it has worked good but it does take time.


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I had the same customer service experience with FM Expressions but I never placed an order. It's fairly clear they don't want your business.

I just got an order for t-shirts with a full color logo on a black t-shirt. I'm going to give them a try if they do full color stuff.