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Adding fonts to Signmate


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Hello everyone,

I am new to this, so please bear with me. I was recently given the job of making cut vinyl letters that go on the trucks and equipment of the company I work for. What I have been given to work with is a Roland PNC 1100 and Signmate software v5.8. Not to mention a pile of miscelaneous vinyl. Here is where the problem comes in: on the Signmate software I've been given to use, there is only 1 font installed and it is Arial. Can anyone explain to me how to add more fonts to this program? It is running on Windows ME. I am a Mac guy at home, so I'm not that familiar working with fonts on Windows. Sorry if this seems like a basic question to most of you.




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You can install fonts in windows by dragging font files into the "c:/windows/fonts" directory. Windows software should be able see them then (program may require restart). However, I have never seen windows with just one font (arial) it usually has quite a few fonts included and preinstalled on windows, so this may be a signmate issue.
Good luck


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draggin fonts to the fonn folder will work. However you should use the installer instead. Sometimes a font will fail to register. If that ever happens you will be in the unable to boot penalty box until you can figure out how to fix whatever was ruined ...