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Additional Pinch Rollers s2 160


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Hello, I have issues with tracking on diecut decals.

I want to add two more pinch rollers to help, seems a little high $350 for 1 roller setup, I want to make sure I am ordering the correct thing.

There is also this for $75 that looks like I can just order a $20 wheel and its all I need? https://us.digiprint-supplies.com/en/s2-pinch-cart-dual-pressure-395-306
Or this for $175 https://us.digiprint-supplies.com/en/summa-s-class-kit-s2-pinch-roller-block-middleside-kit-2033

Thank you.


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The second one looks like it's an outside roller, which you don't want unless you're actually replacing an outside roller. They have a much higher pressure, and if usable at all, will leave bad marks. Not sure exactly what that third link is...

Is there a reason you're not looking at Summa/Airmark for the roller?

Depending on how much trouble you're having, the extra rollers may not help—Although I'm usually a big fan. Plenty of places don't use them and do just fine.


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This is the extra middle pinch roller you can add to your plotter

This IS NOT a middle pinch roller, you MUST NOT add it in the middle

This contains a middle pinch roller (395-307) but it is not an "EXTRA" one, it is more complicated to install it on an already assembled plotter:

Just to make you understand, this is the difference between the "EXTRA", on the left, and the standard (it is usually factory installed by Summa), on the right: