Adehsion problems

Just got my uv printer up and running. I'm having a problem getting the ink to adhere properly to 10 mil coroplast. Does anyone have a solution to this?

I have been cleaning the coro with rubbing alcohol. Is denatured alcohol any better. Maybe something even stronger to rough up the surface?

Any info is appreciated.
Adhesion problems

I'm using the Colorspan 5465 with their ink. I'm Running it at full speed. Does slowing the print down improve curing?


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couple things to do...first, set the lamps to a Post other words, set the lamps to cure after the 2nd pass. I dunno how it works on the Colorspan.
Also, look into your max ink levels. you may actually be also putting too much ink for it to cure properly.
Finally...turn the lamps to almost max curing energy...or as much as the coroplast can take.


I have UV printed for 25 years, just not digital. Check dyne level on material, should be 36 to 40. Print the least ink to achieve color and as much lamp power as you can. The adhesion will get better in 24 hours also. How are you determining good or bad adhesion?
with the colorspans you must set the lamps to high if you are running at full speed; about 800 sq/ft an hour.
You can also try 91% IPA on the substrate, or better yet an adhesion promotor wipe that you can buy from sericol.
Adhesion problems solved.

Wow...thanks for the ideas. I'm sure I'll be able to get it to work!

I'll let you guys know how it goes.