Adhesive mural for stone pebble wall

Is putting an adhesive mural on a wall like this feasible for long term durability? What materials do you recommend? Wall is about 10ft x 19ft. Mural does not need to completely conform to wall surface. Stretched banner or SEG fabric will not work well since there is ductwork and other complexities on the wall.

IMG_0797.jpg IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0795.jpg


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the only thing i can think of that ***might*** work is something like asphalt art or ruff wrap from mactac. but even then, that surface may be a little to extreme. good luck in your search.


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There are a couple of textured wall vinyls from 3M but I don't think they're rated for longer than about 6 months on something like that.


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I don't like the alumagraphics material personally, but it might be the correct choice for something like this. I would also think about 3M 480mc.
The extreme depths combined with a porous material will not have good long term adhesion with anything.