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Adjusting my cutter?


New Member
I'm trying to get a good cut off my SP300, the test cut square does not complete the cut, this is running on vinyl and lamination but still same issue with only vinyl.

New blade, I adjust the speed down, offset should be .25 and I adjusted it down to but no effect. Do I need to adjust the blade in the holder? Or is this more of a feed adjusting I have to do now to make it cut well?

I have a boat graphic with crop marks to cut and wonder if I do a major cutter adjustment will it effect the cut lines I have with the auto adjust marks or will I just get complete clear cuts? Help!


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Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
Since you've replaced the blade, I would recommend replacing the cutter protection strip and possibly the blade holder. If it's more than that, you should have a tech take a look at it.

As far as the print you have already, dialing in the cutter - or improving the cuts should not affect the position of the cuts. You'll want to make sure that you perform the crop-cut adjustment after you replace the parts and before you cut the job.

Good Luck


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Any idea why a lot of the corner cuts/angles don't 'complete' and I get like the tails on a test cut but when I do larger cut paths they are smooth and complete like an oval or circle?


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Check the tip of the blade with a magnifying glass. I had a batch of blades where the tip snapped off almost as soon as touching the vinyl. Was driving me nuts trying to figure out the bad cuts.

Then I bought a Summa.;)