Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium


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I found a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium.

Where exactly does one FIND a copy?


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When you say you "found a copy", I'm not sure what that means, but I just thought I'd mention that if you mean found a second hand copy... just be careful... as you probably know, Adobe requires a signed transfer of ownership if you purchase second hand software. I did this myself many years ago & had all upgrade prices available to me ever since... but I have also seen many people offer to sell their "copy" but then they didn't want to sign the form.

I have the premium suite too, & I have usually installed Illustrator on my design computer & my main production computer at work, and since my home computer is never in use simultaneously... I like to load it there as well, since all 3 of these workstations are just for my use... but now, as of CS2, Adobe has eliminated the chance for doing this. They now have some complex activation process (kind of like Windows if you ever encountered that) & once it is activated from two different computers, you will not be able to keep it running on other machines. I'm sure there are ways to contact them about this if you sell or dispose of a computer... but just something to think about if "find" means second hand.