Adobe Illustrator CS2


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Hello, is it possible to use Adobe Illustrator CS2 as my cutting software for my Graphtec FC4100-130. I currently use Flexi.

If it is possible can someone direct me to the proper instructions on how to set it up.

Thanks in advance,



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I have a FC7000-75 and run Illustrator CS2. I called Graphtec, gave them my s/n off the machine, tech support then gave me access to a web page that had downloads for the Illustrator plugin in Mac or Win. They also have a plugin for Corel Draw X3. The plugin is called "Cutting Master 2 1.20" and looks the same as the flexi cut utility. Works great. Once you install the plugin you'll find it in your Illustrator CS2 toolbar... File - Cutting Master 2 - Cut/Plot...

I can't speak for your 4100 but I'm sure Graphtec tech support can help you out, they were very helpful to me.