Advice on new growth area for me


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Simple enough here. I have sold and installed small gemini products. Worked on existing sign boxes, hammer drilled aluminum signs into brick surfaces, etc...
My point being I get my hands dirty all the time installing various signs.

Lately I am subbing out larger channel letter signs, electrical signs, and even neon signs.

My question is this. I want to start doing more of this in house. I am interested in starting with sign extrusions and simple sign boxes, and am looking for advice on vendors for raw materials and which vendor of that material would also assist in teaching my some techiniques as I build up this department.

Any advice? I have lots of tools, lots of warehouse space, and pretty sold electrical experience, as years ago I was an apprentice for both residential and commercial electrical work.

I don't mind keeping subbing this out if some of you think it is not good to try and "learn this on the fly", but I am pretty eager to learn more.

I'll even go this far. If anyone is interested in teaching me, I'd take a week or so and come work for free with you to get some experience to see first hand what is involved.

Thanks everyone...