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After trace,then sent to cut?!?!?!


New Member
I traced out a image my buddy was needing for his car, but once i sent it to the plotter it keep going over the same part until it cut thru the vinyl, i checked the settings it was set to only one pass. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Sounds like you have some duplicate paths laying directly on top of others. Did you do any copying and pasting after you traced?


New Member
also, i just had the same problem today!! my cutter kept going back and forth on the same line till it cut clear through the vinyll, if you have a tray that allows the vinyll to roll and its being cut make sure the vinyll roll, stays on the tray, if you dont have a tray make sure theres enough slack so it can continue to cut your design, i didnt have enough slack of vinyll for it to flow easily so because of the pressure of the roll, it didnt roll out, and my needle couldnt continue because the wheels werent feeding my material out....hope some of this made sense to you lol its kinda hard to explain, anyways good luck and hope your problem gets solved.