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I have a good client who buys "lawn signs" (vinyl letters on corrugated plastic) to augment his other advertising. However, he has had a problem with theft of of his signs and asked what deterrents could be used.

I suggested using cutting the company name/logo from vinyl with a very aggressive adhesive, cutting a stencil and painting the comapany name/logo on the back of the sign. Removing the signs at the end of the day and putting them back up early the next day, etc.

I'd like to hear what some of you have experienced as a successful deterrent or preventative actions that have worked.

What is the vinyl with the most aggressive adhesive available?

I've had varying successes with painting on corrugated plastic, what type paint works best?


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Im trying to follow this post but I dont understand what the hell Im reading, cutting logo? making stencil?...WHAT!!>??


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I guess I don't understand myself here. So you are saying folks are stealing them -- what difference would it make if they are painted or vinyl , less appealing so they wont steal em?



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No one is stealing them to reuse them... People are taking them because they do not like the looks of them in their neighbors yard and the local "sign police" (KY DOT around here) are collecting them, as they are a "nuisance" sign.

I've only VERY rarely seen one or two stolen by people for re-use as yard sale signs & then people have just spray painted over them or taped paper over them, so the vinyl of choice didn't matter.


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Put up the signs and install a digital game cam or two. Send pix to the local PD. Done. The new game/hunting cameras have very nice resolution.


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I apologize for the hastily posted message and the lack of clarity.

My customer’s signs are being stolen (they are located in front of his business on his property) once or twice a month. He has cameras on the site and has “trained them on the signs” but the camera’s are not close enough to get a clear view. His buildings are a considerable distance from the road (200’), he has even mounted a camera specifically to watch the signs. The area is "wide open" and therefore the camera is mounted high on a metal pole and easily identifieable by the thieves. It hasn't dterrred them, they now wear dark clothes, hooded sweatshirts, sunglasses and caps to hide their faces. He now can see them, just can't identify them.

The police patrol his area regularly, but that is probably the least effective deterrent. The owner has watched the property "all night" several times but the only results has been the owner being tired the next day.

The owner has an annual “city permit” for temporary signs and has checked with the county and state regarding if they are removing the signs. Those government agencies have both stated they have no jurisdiction and thus no reason to remove the signs.

All the local sign shops have been contacted and they also have customers who are having the same problem. However, none of them have had anyone walk into their shop to sell them corrugated plastic panels or to have plastic panels re-lettered.

The reason for the question regarding using a vinyl with an aggressive/permanent adhesive or using stencil/paint was to determine the best method to “permanently marking” the rear of his signs with his company name/logo and if that would either deter the thieves or allow the panels to be recognized if anyone attempts to “re-use” the plastic panels.

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Marking them on the back won't stop a thief, they are already marked on the front right? If they are just corrugated signs on wire stakes why doesn't he just bring the signs in. I am assuming they aren't being read much at night anyway.


Just get them screen printed, No worries of letters being peeled off easily and plus who wants to do yard signs in cut vinyl?

Have him take the signs down in that area before he leaves at night, No biggie.


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Late night, covert sign theft? Sounds like his competition is pissed he's taking their business. I don't think there's a "coroplast ring" taking those $.50 blanks & spending hours removing lettering & adhesive. I would just take a sharpie & put "property of xyz" on the back.

Print a picture from the surveillance footage of the thieves taking the signs & make another sign that says "Do you know this Thief? Wanted by the local police dept" on it & put it by the other signs.


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cheap coroplast signs, not worth the effort to come up with some clever system. On the plus side, they are cheap enough to replace a few every month without much of an impact on the owners wallet.


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When I was a kid I once tried to climb over a wall that belonged to a golf club (just the stuff kids do). Anyway the club, sick of kids messing around on the property had painted the tops and backs of everything with a special paint that never dries.

I went home covered in this crap and after my a ss had a learning experience, never went near the place again.

Google it, it's called anti-climb paint. paint the back of the coro sign and it's untouchable.


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the customer is obviously concerned, and therefore be willing to make a more permanent sign that is cemented/welded in place. Sounds like the signs should be in a puddle of water and electrified to help teach the thief that stealing is wrong.