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ai. cliping question?? HELP


New Member
I'm layering artwork into an IRON CROSS. I can't figure out how to clip/cut off the extra artwork outside the cross. Is there a way to clip or cut it off or do I have to do it all manualy? Can anyone guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance

Bill Modzel

New Member
Make sure your vector outline is on top of your bitmap image.Select them both and hit Command>7 or controll>7 if your on a pc.


Just Me
Do what Bill said, but you cannot assign any color attributes to a clipping path, so if you want an outline around it, make sure you copy the vector outline first, then do your clipping path. Then use the "paste in front" command (command or control f) and you can assign an outline to it. I'd advise grouping it all together when you are done.


New Member
If the art you are layering into the cross is vector and you need to create cut lines, you can select Flatten Transparency from the Object Menu set the Vector/Raster Balance option to 100 (vectors) > OK.

You may need to select the what was once the clipping mask with the open white arrow and delete.... or as BigDawg suggests use it as an object for an outline.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

hmmmmmmmmm... here's a step by step of the process

1 - Select the image you want to clip
2 - Place the selected image below the vector image you'll be using for the clipping mask.
3 - Select both images
> Object > Clipping Mask > Make (Command 7/Control 7)
4 - With the now masked object selected
>Object > Flatten Transparency
5 - Raster/Vector Balance = 100 > OK

This will trim everything to the clipping mask.