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Alps deal gone bad


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I bought "what I thought" was a deal on an Alps MD5000, usb cable, sub key and some other items. I know that Alps will discontinue support in 07. Well the printer arrives. First thing I notice is the strong funk of cigarette smoke. Machine was filthy. Then to my horor I open it up and he shipped it with the cassettes installed. Not a good thing, 1 of the white cassette holders is broken and the rest of them are jammed everywhere but where they are suppose to be. I installed and hoped it still would work. Never even was able to print the test page. This printer was represented as "works great" and has only printed 50 copies. I bought it off ebay. My main intention was to mess around with it and do some small run stuff. SO....I have contacted the seller and conveyed my disappointments to him. I have not heard anything from him. I am fairly sure I am protected by PayPal and/or ebay. There is no doubt he mis-represented the item. HIs feedback is 100% (and the reason why I bought it from him) so I need to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Sorry for the ranting....

Any suggestions on actions to take?

thank you.


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If you paid by PayPal then file a complaint - it won't hurt the seller unless there is no resolution. I had to do that once for a scanner I bought and the situation was resolved pretty immediately. You can also get the seller's information (phone and contact info) if you request it from ebay - they do give the seller a chance to make it right when there is a problem.


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Whip out the 12 gauge and shoot the **** out of that idiot! What kind of moron would send off a printer with the cassettes installed? I mean... even I know that!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! I...I...I...

Need to go to bed.

I'd contact ebay ASAP, and keep buggin them every few hours until they get back to you. That's ridiculous to buy a costly printer and it won't even work.


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Been there. I contacted Paypal and ebay, paypal told me to contact seller and try to straighten things out, or they would step in. Make them(paypal) aware, and follow their suggestions.

Who was the seller, what city were they from?



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Good luck.......
PayPal can be worthless unless you paid for the protection when you bought the item.

If you didn't, it can be 30-45 days before they even look at the claim and wait for a response from the seller.

I would use the return addy on the box, then go to www.switchboard.com and try and get a phone #.


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thanks gang

I am fairly confident I have his home number. He is from the Portland area. I will get the ball rolling. Thank you for the advice.


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Keep us updated on how it works out.

I like my ALPS a lot.

In fact it's printing $$$ right now.....:)
Kinda, White on clear water slide decals for N scale trains cars....

If you have any other issues if you get it working, feel free to drop me a PM..


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Received a response from seller

He is disputing my claim. Said I should take up the claim with FedEx because it was insured. I am not opposed to that but still feel he was less than honest with his description. He stated "as is" and feels used is used. Worse case scenario...I still have time to send it in to ALPS for reconditioning but what does that typically cost. I know one of the main reasons it is not printing is because of the white connections (used to secure ribbon tapes) is busted. Looks like a simple screw holds it in place. Looks fairly inexpensive to replace....anyone have any extras? Anyone have good luck with receiving compensation for damaged goods through FedEx. The box was not damaged but the rought treatment is what caused the cassettes to flop around inside the unit.

Thanks again.



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took me forever to get fedex to admit they Lost a box I 've heard good things about upgrading to the md5000? through alps

Rickey J

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Alps Printer

If you send in your printer they send you out one that is already refrubished and the cost is $350.+ Shipping


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not sure of the order the cartridges make a difference.


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When the seller disputes it on pay pal.. heres a trick I learned.. just send it back to the seller. with tracking and when it arrives , notify pay pal item was returned with del confirmation.. they will refund asap... seller has item and money and pay pal then has the proof and the dispute ends. This works for items bought off ebay. Also if you used a credit card to pay for the item.. dispute the charge with your credit card company... they will contact pay pal asap as well!



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Ruddbow said:
not sure of the order the cartridges make a difference.

Doesn't make a bit of difference what order. You can stack cartridges in that machine too - up to seven at a time... I think. Leaving room to pick up and drop off a cart. I only ever put 4 in at a time personally. You might want to try that to see if you get it to print.

I'd also check out the Alps group at yahoo groups:


There are quite a few helpful people on there. You might be able to find parts on there - I would also contact Paul(?) at http://www.systems-consulting.com/ - he has been a tremendous help in finding supplies for these machines and he is a real enthusiast.

The last time I got an RMA number from Alps I believe it was $350 with shipping to exchange an MD5000 in, I may be wrong. I have also purchased many Alps off of eBay and after the first one, I kind of expected them to be broken. I'd send back an MD1000 and get a brand new MD5000. That will end soon though. This link should get you an RMA # if that's the route you choose to go.


Great little printers IMHO, good luck!



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getting worse

Thank you for the great links. I have sent him another 5-6 messages. Very slow to return anything. I am trying to make the claim with FedEx and I need his mailing address and a valid phone number. I have neither. The one I found has been disconnected. I glued the white cassette holder and it seems to be strong enough. Now I just cannot get it to test or to even advance the paper. I also noticed additional damage to the back of the shroud where the paper feeds along with the tabs that secure it to the bottom of the unit. I can understand all of this if I paid $100 and my intentions were to send it in and refurb it. I am about ready to write it off as a loss and say screw it. I do not like dishonest people....but then again who does.


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well I am still messing with this. I have had communications with the seller and found out he insured it through FedEx. I started the claim process over 3 weeks ago. First they asked me to fax in photos of the damage and the other pertinent info. I did so....called a week later and found out they needed to issue a damage claim tag in order to view damage. No problem, I packed it like I recevied it and they picked up 3 days later. I called everyday and it was always "under review" that is until Friday.....I was transfered 3 times until I talked with "miss personality" and she told me after it was looked at it there was no visual damage....Now since the original pics I took I found 2 broken tabs on the bottom, a huge crack on the backside of the cover and another broken holder on the inside of the machine. How there was no "visual damage" is beyond me. She told me they shipped it back to the original shipper and that he would need to take it to a shop that could verify damage. I am sure there is a gazillion shops like that willing to give a quote for a 4 year old printer they do not sell.

I am very frustrated with FedEx....and have had issues with them in the past.

Sorry for the rant.


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wow, an alps, I thought these were for fake hologram printing only LOL..... i know the md5000 is a peice of work, i use to have an md1300, but I only used it for the finish cart..... what is the reason of buying an alps? does the md5000 offer chrome finish cmyk carts? I'd like to see some chrome dye sub photography that'd be cool....