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Alps (if you can stand it)


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Some thread fairly recently (perhaps from classified) I saw Alps printer being discussed for printing on vinyl. I had noticed that the Zero Nine ribbons looked very much like the Alps, so I figured I would experiment using my old Alps. I used the Alps ribbon on some High Tack vinyl (customer wanted to stick on plastic motorcross gas tank) and it printed ok. I overlaminated it (the print was not robust from a scratch off stand point). Anyway, I asked my supplier about the Zero Nine ribbons to run in the Alps, and he said that they were different (resin vs. wax). So what do you guys running vinyl through the Alps use? I don't have the bucks for a Gerber and it is getting tough to find the Alps ribbons.


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i have an ALPS, was supposed to pack up and sell to someone here but was so damn busy i didnt do it....now i got time....hehehehe i printed wit hthe apls on vinyl, it has 2 sets of ribbons, wax and dye sub.....dye sub was supposed to be for piuctures....wax everything else. you can print either on vinyl...CHEAPER VINLY IS BETTER....tends to bond better then on HP. i used HAIR SPRAY on em after printing....you do light coats till it sorta looks wet and STOP....or it will run the colors. but it held up on the back window of my van for almost 3-4 years...some fade but it was still readable


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How does it do printing on thermoflex?
:Big Laugh Take your time OP, I am up to my eyebrows still learning all the vinyl and programs, no need in over straining my brain at the moment with a new toy!!


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ENTDesign said:
I don't have the bucks for a Gerber and it is getting tough to find the Alps ribbons.

I have been dealing with this guy for years buying alps cartridges, he's great!


I have been printing on DuraCotton for heat transfers and on an adhesive backed poly laser paper and laminating with 12x9 sheets. I haven't tried to print on vinyl. I have been curious, but since these machines are so hard to come by (ones that work anyway) I haven't messed around with it. I'm curious to hear more about the possibilities...


George Wilson

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I had one years ago and printed onto vinyl by scuffing the surface of the vinyl

with a scotch pad and the wax cartridges will print onto the vinyl ok
I the used to over laminate with clear vinyl .. Jobs a gooden george:thumb: