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I was wondering if there is a difference between ampersands and the "&" symbol of the font you are using. Do you use Ampersands or the & symbol? Is there an advantage to using Ampersands? Maybe a dumb question, I just don't know much about them, thanks for any feedback.

I thought so too- it's the little useful symbol that used to follow at the end of an alphabet, meaning 'and', and was named by recounting the whole alphabet, then "and, per-se 'and'", (which means a to z, and which follows the 'and' symbol), so "and per-se 'and'" became ampersand, and it began life looking like the conjoined latin word "et" which means 'and'.

That's my recollection anyhow.I'll stand corrected if someone nhs a better story! (& no it's not Mr Amper's 'and' either!)


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wow, you learn something new every day.....and per-se "and".... why didn't i see that before:tongue: :tongue:
very impressive


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Thats a good story Ian, and better than it being named after who created it. I'm still trying to find that Mr. Murphy to ask him about his law. hehe



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That's partially true. The symbol itself "&" is a combination of the two letters of the latin word "et" which translates to "and", as in ora et labor or work and prayer.