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Anagraph 3.5 on XP?


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Is anybody working with this combo? I'm refering to the "fix", (for the lack of a better term), I found here at 101 posted by "rostre". Is it working well, any negative issues, etc.?
I'm a Neanderthal trying to evolve gradually. ANA is pretty much all I really know. I very recently puchased a new massive XP based system, I'm learning AI, & gonna purchase some new softwares and pitch the ancient stuff, But until then...... All input greatly appreciated, especially from ANAHEADS in this case!

trying to step up, bit by bit......"S'Rex"


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I jumped from Design art pro to corel and cocut pro.
I didnt miss much and there was little learning curve.
Plus there was no more crashing.


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I'm running anagraphy designArt 3.5. I have it installed on a PC with XP windows.I am told that my plotter....Ana Express Elite Cutter 30" will not work with that combo.I can do everything on XP as I can on Win 98. Any infro anyone has would really appreciated.


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I'm sorry I'm not quite following you, Are you currently using your Elite 30" now? You can do everything in XP as you can in 98 except plot? Please elaborate.