Anagraph 4.0 Issues


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Finally had to upgrade to 4.0...
Until now I have run 2 computers, one with XP to run the VersaCamm and one with Win98 to run Anagraph 3.5...
That's been fine for years but the win98 computer finally had to go so I bought the 4.0 software...

I installed serial ports and a printer port for the security key and installed the software...

Had a hard time getting the computer to communicate with the plotter so I called support and they got me up and running however after shutting down for the night, I came in the next morning and fired everything up and the same problem reappeared...

Now they are acting as though they know there is a problem and suggesting that I use a serial to usb adapter and the problem will go away...something about Windows "reassigning" the serial port upon

Anybody here experience this problem and have any info that might help me...?
I appreciate any help given...
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I can't help you. I abandoned DesignArt years ago. I still have a version of 4.0 on my XP machine that if need be, I can open some old files and then export them so I can bring them into CorelDraw. But most of those old jobs and customers are no longer in business or have since found other companies out there to do their work much cheaper than me.

I'm surprised to still see there are people hanging on to their old DesignArt software. In it's day it was ok, but looking back now, it's not good by todays standards.


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I had the same problem when I put 4.0 on a new Dell Precision T3400. Some time later the hard drive check into the next life and I had to reload everything including updated drivers in Windows -for serial and paralle ports. Fired it up and it works fine 97% of the time. It will not let you stack up jobs in the plot window - it just bumps the one that is cuting off and starts the new job. I had tried the usb methode with no luck. Hate to think of converting all my files to something new.