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Anagraph Express ae-60e problem


New Member
Any users of this cutter ever have a problem with the fan? My fan doesn't sound right, like its not getting enough power. It seems to be turning.

Any advice? Anyone dare me to take the cutter apart? I think it was purchased in '98. Maybe a new fan?

Thanks for any suggestions.



New Member
All I can suggest is to call these guys:

Advanced Plotting Devices
Phone: 714-964-9611
Fax: 714-964-7257

They're the only place left that I know of to service Anagraph plotters.

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
I'd pull the cover and take a look.
I have APD as a contact name for parts and
also AM Graphics 718-401-4040.


New Member
Thanks for the replies. Shortly after I posted we lost power for 20 minutes or so. Power is back on, and cutter sounds alot better, like it did before when it worked properly. Not sure what happened, but it seems at times the power(electric) is not as great as it should be here in the mountains.

Thanks again,