Andy Griffith has died :(


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Andy Griffith has passed away.

I remember him best from Mayberry RFD. He and Barney Fife - what a pair.


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: (

Hopefully he's in Mayberry Heaven with a big old house and streets of gold

: )

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Grew up lookin' towards the western skyline in the shadow of "Mt Pilot" (Pilot Mtn. State Park), Mt Airey the town Mayberry was modeled after was only 20 miles west of here,... Andy Griffith was a household name and a local hero here,...He will be sorely missed


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He was a good story teller, that was his long suit. As an actor he was far more of a personality and/or a character than a craftsman.

Any feelings I might have had for him evaporated the first time I saw him as a doddering, close to drooling, old fool endorsing obamacare,