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Hey guys, Just been reading some of the post on this site..Good Stuff !! I'm fairly new in the sign business so any info. is interesting to me.Got a lot to learn !! :help:Thanks..


Jeebus!! Seems like the new people are poping up like dandelions in spring lol!
:Welcome: to all!!! :thumb:


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Welcome Glen, let me share with you one of the things I learned here that has made the biggest difference in my applications. When you are applying the tape and vinyl, the angle should be toward the raised side. In other words, the top of the squeegee should always be the back. Since I started using that method, all of my bubbles have disappeared. Somebody else please jump in here and help me with this explanation or add a link to the original thread.
Welcome Glen, glad to have ya!



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Thanks all, Fred, I'm not sure how I found you, surfin,thru a link I guess.I have only been in the sign business for a couple of years . I do this part time, but I love it.IMAKE, thanks for the instructions..I need all the suggestions I can get, thanks..