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Another newbie


New Member
Howdy to ALL! I'm in the awards and recognition business. I'm a member of the "Engraving, Etc." forum and one of our members referred me to Signs101. I can tell already that there is a wealth of information to be found here and I feel priviliged to join in.

Here's my first question. Although I posted a bit earlier in the "Graphtec" forum, maybe there is a more general area of Signs101 that would be more appropriate.....

"First, I apologize if this inquiry is being placed in the wrong forum. If it is, I'd appreciate further direction.

I have a Graphtec CE3000-40. I use Corel 9 and 12 daily in conjunction with my laser. I have been told that I can use Corel as my cutting software without a "bridge" or "plug-in".

If this is true, I would be grateful if someone could provide me with specifics as to set-up. I have tried doing searches throughout Signs101 and all I've come up with so far are fragments of information, as opposed to detailed "here's how you do it" instructions.

Thank you."

Air Art Girl

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Welcome. I use Corel X3 for my laser but have never used it with my plotter. I use Flexi Pro for the plotter. I'm sure someone here will give you some help using Corel