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Another Newbie


New Member
Hello Everyone,

I am new to this site that it to say I finally signed up and made a couple of posts. I have been visiting the site for a little while and let me tell you that I am very impressed and very thankful that this site exists!

After 25 years in the computer field I have decided to try something I think I will enjoy more. Everyone close to me has always told me that I am artistic. I hope they were not just being nice. I am new to doing signs if fact you might say I am in the infant stage learning to crawl before I walk so to speak. Everyone here seems so nice and helpful and willing to share their expertise. Just what I need!

Right now I have a 24 inch cutter but I have a feeling that print and cut will be the direction I will want to head in. I want to have the ability to create decals. I have been looking into a used Roland PC-600 for starters of course what I really want is a Roland Versacamm 300 but don't have the $'s. Anyway, thats it in a nut shell. I'll try not to bother you with too may stupid questions.




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Well hello Gary from another newbie!

Actually, I think you may be my west coast male twin, lol. We are new to the sign business as well(opened in July), only own a 24 inch cutter so far (and dreaming of a print and cut). And we also went from computers to signs. We owned a PC repair and sales business before we decided to give signs a try. We like the idea of doing something that allows us to be more creative than the computer business did.

Just follow me around. I'll ask all of the stupid questions so you don't have to, lol.