Another Problem With My XC-540


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Aside from my joys of cutting issues, does anyone else experience the following on an XC-540 or other Roland printer............

I'm loading the first job of the day or have changed rolls or have to run set-up again. Now, I go to VersaWorks and send a job. The printer now decides to feed about 10 extra inches of material and then begin printing! Man does this **** me off...especially when running expensive media.

It doesn't do this on successive jobs with the same roll loaded UNLESS I release the pinch roller tension and run set-up again. Now what's up with that? Any suggestion's???



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Try hitting the "Basepoint" button before you run the job. What version of Versaworks are you running?


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Not sure of the version offhand although it was just updated from Rolands site within the past few weeks so I'm sure its current. This printer is brand new and just recently installed.


Sounds more like you didnt set the basepoint like Kenny said. If its brand new chances are the errors you are getting are "user" related. Dont worry about it, wasting material is all part of the learning curve.

Hope you're a fast learner :beer


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Even without setting the basepoint, it shouldn't feed any extra material out. Ours doesn't anyways. Sounds like there's a setting off in the printer. I'd venture to say it's not a versaworks problem since it doesn't happen with every print.


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base point is automatically set wherever you put the pinch rollers down & press set up, so if you feed the vinyl through place the pinch rollers down & press the set up button thats the auto base point. If you then feed the vinyl back to a point where you want to print & don't press base point then the printer will feed through to its original set up point. This sounds like whats happening to you. Hope this helps



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I don't have the XC but my SP does something like that when I forget to hit Basepoint. I think the machine has a sensor in it that "remembers" where the media was when the friction feed rollers were engaged when you pushed down on the lever.

So then when you backup the media, like the frugal sign guy you are, it simply does an end-run around your efforts and feeds the media to the point where it was when you engaged the pinch rollers.

Does that make sense? Anyway, if you just hit Basepoint all should be well. If not, call your Dealer. Or watch for more postings on this topic.

Good luck.


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Okay...well next time I'll hit Base Point and see what happens as its not too cool to see an extra foot or so of Scotchlite 680 get wasted. With the amount of reflective decal jobs I print I could easily be throwing 10 - 20 feet in the garbage everyday due to this.

Well...due to my cut-align problem....I've been trashing more that that lately. LOL!


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There's a prefeed option on the 545ex. I think that feeds 10-15 inches so you can tie it up to the take up roll

(I think that's what it's for, never used the option myself.)


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The prefeed option is so the machine makes sure it has enough material to print on. It's more or less a test run of the printing - without the ink. Once you hit print, it will feed the material out, and then back in, and begin printing.