Any input? Graphtec CE5000 questions


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- Is there a way to move the carriage all the way to the left quickly?

The reason I ask is after I cut a graphic I cut it off the roll by running the little knife they gave me down the channel in from of the cutting strip. It would a lot easier if I could get the the head out of the way all the way to the left via some button punch.

- I bought 15" material. However there only appears to be a grit roller at about 12" or so and the head won't cut past that roller. Anyway to tell the cutter it is OK to go a couple more inches?


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home it with the pinch wheels set wide..
After it homed,, reset teh rollers narrower.
But all the same this is why I prefer summa cutters

Todd M Castle

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The far right grit roller is longer than the rest. It is 6 inches to be exact. You can adjust your pinch roller anywhere along those 6 inches as long as the others to the left is on a pinch roller (you can even put both pinch rollers on the right side for example and cut smaller material like 2" or so). You should be able to fit 15" material in there end to end, if not you are not moving your pinch roller to the right spot.


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I move mine over a grit section to accommodate the size of material I am cutting. Both pinch rollers move. I just cut a scrap of vinyl 6.1" wide. After you press enter and the cutter reads the vinyl and homes itself, press enter again and it will give you the cutable width.
15" material lines up at the seam of the front of the cutter, just left of center.