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Need Help Any suggestions on metal brackets for a flag mount sign?


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Hey all, I'm curious if anyone has a suggestion for a sturdy sign bracket. Here's the details:

Signs are double sided, 20" horizontal by 30" vertical reflective on dibond aluminum
Needs to be flag mounted to a 4"x 4" square metal post (drilling though is no issue)
Will be outside of an airport and will needs to withstand high winds
We are familiar with flag mount brackets, though we worry the wind will bend the material right at the end of the bracket since they would be placed along the vertical edge.

Are there any arm bar set ups that might be a better option for these signs? I'm terrible at descriptions so I've attached a quick rendition of what we are looking for vs the flag mounts.

Thanks for any assistance!


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Answered my own question! They're called Metro Wing brackets and are available at Grimco.

In case any one else wonders ha
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I would use an .080 aluminum as your substrate. I think the dibond would blow out due is not being very strong at the set screw points.


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+1 for .080", especially at an airport with high foot traffic. Overengineer it to be safer.