Anyone else have problems with an Edge FX?


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I'm new here, but I thought I would jump right in and ask a question of everyone. I work in the graphics department of a vehicle manufacturing company, and we have 2 Gerber Edge Fx printers (about a year old) and an enVision 375 plotter.

We have had many issues with these wonderful new FX printers... but the latest has us very frustrated. I thought I would see if anyone else has been having these problems...

We need to have very acurate prints here, the measurements we put in the layout need to be the same measurements the material has when output. This is not the case often times. I have one file right now that yesterday printed at 27.75 inches in length on one printer, and 27.25 on the other. Today I tried reprinting on both and it's 27.5 ... The 27.75 is what it's supposed to be. We also have a few design stations, and we seem to get some different results when the print/cut is sent from different machines.

So our question is, why are we getting these different measurements? Why can I send the same exact file to the same printer/plotter on two different days and it comes out two different size? All the settings are exactly the same. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!!


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no fun

Haven't had that one have you tried tech support @ gerber I have had a few issues that I bead my head on the wall with and they had me fixed in minutes
good luck


i have had some alignment issues when cutting prints but usually print is the correct size give or take .010"
i am also using the edge 1 not the fx but they are basically the same inside


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From my experience from working with the Edge II and sprocket fed plotters is it's normally not the printer or cutter, but the media.
Depending on the conditions, temperature and humidity will cause the vinyl to expand and contract (shrink or grow).
Just for kicks and giggles, take 2 different rolls of vinyl, place one over the other and try to align the holes. Sometimes they're perfect, other times they're way off.
This, normally, is not a problem with smaller graphics. However, when you're cutting longer lenghts (4'+) you can see significant differences in punch alignment.



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Not familiar with the edge, but we print a lot of film positives on epson 4800's and we have to calibrate each machine. We where seeing differences of up to .030" from each of the 4 printers we have.

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I'm going with Brian on the punched holes being off. I've had some that actually ran up the sprockets on the Edge because they were so off that they wouldn't even feed.