Anyone Tweet?

Does anyone tweet here? Went to go to twitter today and got redirected to a "Survey" by "Twitter". With spelling errors, can tell it was not an official twitter page? Anyone else get that? Checked my spelling, went to the right page.......



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if you mean the missing c in "search"... I think the word "typo" was coined to distinguish between "spelling errors" made by someone who can't spell and those due to a missed keystroke...

not that proofing ones work isn't still the mark of a professional.. but can't win 'em all...


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Just found it odd that I was redirected to directgiveaway dot com.

well, why didn't you say so?

social media is full of links... that's the point... but we need to be mindful of where we go, and who says what, and what we trust...

I'm sure Twitter themselves would harness the power of social media to acquire information... but not just anyone flaunting the bluebird will actually be twitter...

your screenshot looks to be within the twitter site... where (or when) did you get the redirect?


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OP probably misspelled and bought the misspelled domain. Pretty common tactic.

Twitter is only a waste of time if you don't like having direct access to professionals in your field or feedback from clients, don't care about making sure your marketing is targeting zeitgeist effectively, don't understand how to leverage search/hashtags, don't understand traffic funnels. Looking at it like a "social network" in the vein of Facebook is missing the point entirely. End derail.
I didn't misspell it, that's why I found it so odd. Went there from a bookmark. Did a scan on my laptop for spyware and any nasty things, got nothing. It's never happened again. It's not the first (or I'm sure the last) time the twitter page got hacked with a redirect or a denial of service attack.