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Anyone use Signgold before?

Big EZ Signs LLC

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Hi all,

I'm looking at trying to upsell a window sign from white vinyl into gold vinyl, and I found an advertisement in an old issue of Signcraft for SignGold (www.signgold.com). They claim it's as easy to cut, weed, and apply as vinyl. Has anyone here used it, and can give me some feedback? Is it really as easy as doing vinyl? Will I need a special blade?

Thanks all,


Si Allen

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Do yourself a favor...apply a black outline/shadow with cast vinyl, then apply the SignGold and use a Sealit pen on all the edges.


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Signgold is a bit more brittle, but still has elasticity and easy to cut. I agree with the black background, and now I've learned about the sealpen. how wonderful I saw this post.
Signgold is a wonderful product; I save the scraps for pinstripes for later projects; it's dazzling.


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I have used it on windows and my own vehicle. I have not had much problem weeding or applying. A black background really works well.


Cookie Monster
I used it on my Dad's boat, WOW, beautiful stuff. I layed it over a Oracal Mooonlight Blue (dark blue) which matched the canvas top. It cut and weeded well I thought. Very $$$$ BUT my Dad wanted it to last. The gold used for the previous name faded after 4 years.

Here's a pic. The font was not my choice. I had to re-create what was already there.


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It's great. I agree an outline sets it off nicely.
Seal pen is good, but not absolutely necessary on a window, but it couldn't hurt.
Are you going on the inside or outside? If inside make sure you get the one meant to be reverse cut.
Also if it's on the inside and you customer balks at the cost try Coburn, it's not as nice but a good product, as are the 3M aand Arlon shiny golds.
Inside apps don't have the same weathering issues.