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Anyone wanna trade edge tips/tricks?


New Member
Some of you people must have some creative tips for operating
your edge- lets help each other out.
After dropping and replacing my second eyepiece- I added a
piece of pvc pipe, double-face taped to the edge. It worked so
well that I glued up three pvc pipe unions and added them to
hold my blade holders ( one for 220 & one for 280/florescent)
and my ink pen. The little 'blade set for 280' sign velcros to the
blade carriage to remind those of us with short memorys ( my
daughter and I) which blade is in the machine. Gene:signs101:


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Dale Horn

New Member
Good idea Gene,

On the old GSX plus they had a place for the blades on the side.
Looks like it's still a good idea for the Envision.

I have to get a pick of the "roll rewinder" handle in here - Al N. posted one a while back.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Aid in Trimming Out

We've always used a paper cutter for trimming out cut vinyls and decals. After doing it for 15 years without one I decided to place a slim fluorescent light beside the blade.

Now I no longer have any problem seeing between tightly spaced graphics to trim them apart.


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Dave Draper

New Member
Hey Fred,

That light trick is kewl! Improving on that lead, what if you just had a mirror, a little square mirror that would reflect the overhead shop lights back up on the underside of the graphic.

Im gonna give it a try. I like to knock things off the table, so the light bar I save may just be my own! I would rather bust a mirror, cause I'm already doing 7 years bad luck on another break so it don't matter.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Well Dave if you've got klutz issues why not cut a piece of mirrored acrylic and glue it down to the table. Other than that it sounds like it might work as well or better than my slimline light.