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I just bought a nice APD PD 2400 plotter on Ebay and can't seem to make it work with my Ana Designart software. I'm wondering if it is a serial plotter, like my old Ana plotter, but the cable looks parallel. Do I need an adapter to go from the serial size fitting to the parallel size. I know I'll have to get a driver disk to install a driver for it.




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check your manual.. it will tell you what the port is.. Some ana's had a switch where you could select what port you wanted to use.


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Your post is actually the first I've seen concerning ADP plotters. I as well as a few others here are a little curious about them and would be interested in knowing more. If you would, keeping us posted how the plotter works out for you and what you think of it would be nice. I myself would like to see one up close in person and in action.


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The customer service looks great, I almost got one on an auction and I contacted them and they answered all the quetions fully. Should have a USB port too.


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I agree . I would like to see one myself in person. If they are as good as the old anagraphs,, they will be nice to have around. I would like to believe they are good.


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i have a apd 2400 as a backup unit, it seems to be a good unit. have many hours on it and no issues. setting it up is tough, with the ports. but have no complaints on the plotter.


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The APD cutters are very solid. Communication can be a bit of a pain but once done a few time, pretty straight forward.

Relatively easy to repair as well if ever needed.

If you ever owned an ANA Express, you will love the APD. Other than lifting it :)


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Another note, APD is currently working on crop mark sensor integration for the next version. Hopefully available in the coming month or two.


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Apd 2400

I just ran across a apd 2400 and could not get it to work with the usb connection but It worked the first try with the serial port. I'm new to this but it seems to be a very solid. all metal plotter. It cuts very clean and I'm thrilled so far.


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PD2400 and Illistrator

Hello All,

My wife Eve has an APD PD2400 plotter for vinyl cutting. She has some proprietary (crappy) software that she was using to send the plots to the plotter. The software used a hardware USB dongle to work... currently we cannot find the dongle. Kids? Knocked in trash?

Anyway... if there is a driver that would allow her to plot directly from CS5 that would be awesome. I went to the ADP website to look for a driver... but all instances were removed. In other words... there is a link... but it goes nowhere. After reading the above... apparently they were virus infected... and the company solution was to just remove them and leave users stranded. :covereyes: (Thanks APD)

Does anyone know of a driver that will allow us to plot from CS5? Or... another software package (reasonably priced) that will plot the files?

Or... Windows 7 shows the device as "Unspecified 1" , "APD - PD2400\PD3000\PD4800 Plotter"... is there a way to identify the "device" as being a "printer" to the system?

Really appreciate any help here folks!!!
Jerry :cool: