Arizona 4xx service manual

hi if i could get the 350 service manual it would be great. We are trying to move a machine about 1500 miles and then down to a basement so we have to take off the gantry and put it back. I want to see how to lock it for shipment .Please let me know what i owe for what might turn out to be a parts
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Gantry has to be positioned on the support built from the parts, which (in theory) should be used for the small shelf under the table - two halves of the box, long beam and four supports (each with the screw used as a leg). The whole procedure is pretty complicated as if you put too much force on the gantry, it will bend and you may forget about the proper quality. If you don't have the equipment, it's very difficult. If you don't have the SDS key, it's almost impossible, as many operations have to be done from the service menu. And after the mechanical installation, calibration is required, which is done with the special Excel spreadsheet and micrometre connected to the carriage. Generally speaking, I would suggest contact with trained technician - you may ruin the whole machine moving it on your own.
And don't forget, that the XT machines requires two technicians for the installation (at least one of them should know the procedure).