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Question Arlon DPF 6100XLP vs SLX Cast Wrap?


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Our rep is pushing us to change from the Arlon SLX to the Arlon DPF 6100XLP.
There appears to be no difference between them, and a concrete reason for the change hasn't been forthcoming

anyone using both and or know what is different between them?


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Try wrapping a bumper, if you can do it with one person it is the XLP, if it pops off one side while doing the bumper then it is the SLX.


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I'm still using the 6000XRP/3220 kits. Got too much out in the field right now to deal with a possible white point change.

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We changed soley to the DPF6100 , is nice and semi rigid not wimpy so installs are easier than Avery supreme and less cost than 3m