Arlon GX4500


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Anyone tried using it yet? Air Egress...white vinyl...clear adhesive. We shot part of a roll so far, prints looked fine. Any other feedback after the fact? Selling as a low end product...but with air egress.


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We just switched to the 4560GTX as our stock digital intermediate. We like it and have no complaints. We've been using it solely for about 3 months and have yet to have any real problems with it (minus the humans laying it...LoL) ;) - I'd be interested to hear from people on this one too....




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Printed nice on the Roland 540....want to put it up on the LX850 next to see how it handles the heat and inks. Arlon rep scratched his head when I asked about it on the latex... :covereyes: See how it goes!!


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DPF 4500GX and 4560GTX should both work fine on the Latex printer. The facestock is very receptive to most print systems.