arrgh! font madness

scott pagan

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this looks like something so basic, yet modified...


*edit: i know, it is faster to redraw, only i need the full character set for other copy to be set in.


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If it's something that you can massage a bit, try Aurora Bold Condensed. It'll be off, but it displays some similar characteristics.

oooookay, maybe not the "S" so much, but it does have some other distinctive characters.



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How in love is the customer with this font? You might be able to get them to use another that looks close. When I run into this I give a quote to scan and clean up what they have or use a stock font and find most don't love the font enough to want to pay the extra. Also, are you going to be making something that says the same thing or something else? How many other words are written in this font? If they really love it and are going to be saying something else in the same font but nothing else exists, you could scan in the sample, use any letters in it to make up the new word and guess at the shape of the other letters as know one knows what they look like.