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Suggestions Artwork difficulty

Stacey K

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Hi Everyone, I have a customer with artwork that needs to go on a sign and I would like some advice on the best method. The artwork was provided by the customer via a business card which she created online but not sure where...the problem is it's an "eclipse" and it fades to black. The sign needs to be 30"x30" with the background being black. The eclipse artwork is a square jpeg with the eclipse in the middle and I've cropped it so it's a square. When I put this square jpeg on the black background, it looks fine. The remainder of the art I reproduced from her business card. Should I send this entire 30"x30" square to get printed and laminated? How is the color black going to hold up? The sign will be on the side of a building in the alley facing the East...it won't get a lot of sun. Someone had suggested to me that I print the eclipse and then layer the remainder vinyl on top of a black acrylic board...that seems like trouble with the printed area fading quicker than the black substrate.I haven't done any mostly black printed signs so any insight is welcome. Artwork attached with fake names. Thank you!


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Don't worry about it. Print and laminate. In my experience black tends to hold up better long term than lighter colors. The only thing you might need to worry about is if it was being applied directly to a window with lots of sun exposure. And yes, prints will fade quicker than cut vinyl and substrates so it's better to just stick with a full print.

Joe House

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Just make sure that the artwork from the business card will look good enough at full size. That's quite a jump in size.
That should do just fine with any quality vinyl media and laminate. If you're worried about the possibility of delamination, just print oversized and wrap a bit around the edges of the panel and attach to the backside or put some trim cap around it. As far as fading, I find that black ink is lightfast and fairs pretty well outdoors.