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Aurora Graphics

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Some of the best stuff on the market which is why I am a dealer for them. I've got some but not all of the pages done at my site to show them HERE. Call, email or PM me with any questions or for a discounted price if anything interests you.


New Member
great stuff

Just got the print suite delivered about 8 days ago and I have already used it in about 6 jobs including a wrap background
the only negative was that i thought that the images tiled together but that is the monster fills package..the files are huge though (15 x 50) and am extremely happy with the purchase...monster fills will be next on the list


New Member
I wish I could see some of the images. The images link does not work.. I passed on this the last time I saw the name come up. All I wish to do is see a few.

There is a more information/view images link. The more info works but the view images does not.

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
I've made more than half of my yearly profits before using Dave Dorsey's (Aurora Graphics) software. On top of that, any questions ya ever have, Dave will spend all the time it takes on the phone walking ya thru a project. He's a great guy who has developed an awesome product line that can't be equalled IMHO.