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AutoCad Import Cuts in Sections


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Hopefully I do an adequate job of describing this issue...

My company just purchased another company (the competition) mainly for their proprietary fonts and procedures for making a specialized sign product for the racing market.

The company came with a plotter and computer, but all the cutting was done from AutoCad directly. Since the AutoCad is version 10 DOS and the computer is Windows 98, I'd like to be able to cut from my more modern software like Corel 12 and SignTools.

The files in Autocad are made up of many, many segments. When cutting in AutoCad, the plotter cuts the entire outline in order. However, when I cut from Corel, it cuts each individual section separately, and not in order.

Is there a way to group everything together in Corel so it will cut right?

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Humm, no replies here.
would it be possible to post up a small sample to see what you are dealing with?
I use Draw and have had a little experience with dxf & dwg files.
Sounds like you are dealing with polyline segments.

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I still pretty new to all this vinyl cutting etc. but come from an engineering/design background where I use AutoCAD quite a lot. I have had great success so far inporting from autocad as it makes smooth curves until I learn Corel some more.

One thing you could try is grouping all the items together in AutoCAD, select all and then choose group. This way they are seen as one large section rather than individual items/lines.
Also perhaps try placing all items on one layer maybe.
Then once you save as a DWG file for importing in Corel it should see it all as one big drawing.

Worth a go.



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If it's feasible............

you'll have to combine your lines into an object and then join the nodes to form a cuttable object.


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Hmmm, I've always had problems with drawings exported from AutoCAD and other drafting programs. For some reason, they always come in with a ton of little bity straight line segments (in lieu of curves). I've used my fair share of AutoCAD and several other engineering programs, and never could figure out how to export them properly to get smooth curves. I'm guessing it was how the graphics were created in the program (splines, beziers, etc.). But, I have to admit not spending a lot of time trying to refine the process as I don't get a lot of call for plotting/printing from AutoCAD files.


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I've had better luck exporting the file from Autocrap as a DXF, rather than DWG...seems to import curves better. You might try joining the text as a Polyline (makes one contunues line) in Autocrap and exporting as a DXF. Or, if you are more familiar with Corel, Shovelhead's solution may work best.

PM me your email addy...I'll convert one to Polylines/DXF for you to try.


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Who in the hell is doing anything in DOS anyway?

Not me if I can fix this problem. I'll try the suggestions given.

Unfortunately, the AutoCad computer is Win 98 and not on my network (yet) and Corel is on the regular sign computer and has Win XP.


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Why don't you either up grade AutoCad or import into Corel and recreate? Or you could pay someone else to convert them for you.


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There is no upgrade path from V10 to the current AutoCad. I could do a full version of LT if needed, however even though the end product created by these files is extremely valuable (to my specific market), working in AutoCad would be pretty cumbersome on a daily basis.

There are several hundred files, so having someone convert them wouldn't be very economical. Besides, I can open them in Corel, they just cut a little screwy...:)

BLock command

Use the "Block" command in AutoCad. This will keep the dwg as one entity. Then save the drawing in an earlier format in AutoCad. I am using AutoCad 2004 and I save the drawing in AutoCad R12 or R13.

When I bring it in in Flexi....all the curves come along with it...I use to save in the 2004 format (DWG) but like Chris states...all the curves come in straight...

hope this helps



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I downloaded the trial of AutoCad LT 2006 and it seems to cut the same way, though I didn't spend a ton of time working with the plotter driver.

The connect nodes trick above doesn't seem to work, or maybe I'm not doing something right.

I think because of the way these files were created, I may be stuck with this problem, though I'll try any additional ideas. :)




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When I import DWG files into LXI (Flexi clone) I get the straight segments. But when importing a DXF file, the curves GENERALY come arcross (there are some issues with ellipses)

Try saving one of the original files as a DXF, import into Corel, and see if that helps.

The offer to look at a file for ya still stands.:thumb:


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I think I fixed it. I selected the object and then arrange>close path>close path with straight lines.

This made it only show one node when selected and it cuts in a continuous line all around the object.

I'll update this thread if it keeps working. Now if I could get Signtools to stop crashing when I cut, I'd be happy....:)