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Awesome Corel Draw 12 Tutorials


New Member
Hello Signmakers,

I have been trying to learn Corel Draw 12 for a little while now, and coming from raster based programs like Photoshop (which I can navigate in my sleep) I found Corel and Illustrator to be a bit tough. I have been searching high and low for good resources and stumbled across this little gem:


I have been watching these videos and applying techniques in Corel for a few hours, and I am amazed with the information and ease of use (now that I understand the tools better). I just thought I'd pass it along to the others who are "newbies" or maybe struggling with vector art. I suggest watching them all from the "setting up a page" and then going to the "what's new".

Between the information I have read here on the forums, and these videos, I think I may have something to work with! Now back to more coffee and learning, hope somebody finds these as useful as I have!