Baby it's cold outside...


New Member good ol' Nebraska. It's zero degrees outside right now and our two furnaces only have got the shop heated to 59 degrees so far. We're located in an old neighborhood general store and the 12 foot ceilings, and full glass front make an attractive space but heating it in the winter is a bitch. The local schools have been cancelled for the last three days because of the snow storm and no one is getting out to do business. I'm dreading our heating bill for this month. Ho, ho, heck. Sorry for the weather rant.

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That's OK. I start p'ssin and moanin' every October till April. I hate winter and the cold weather. It's only 25-30 degrees here and it sucks. I keep saying I'm moving South to the Carolinas.
Maybe you should try some heavy curtains in the windows. May help a little.


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Clear cling stretched on the window frame creates an instant insulation. will save you $$$ and your shop will warm up faster. The other thing is ceiling fans to circulate the warm air.


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it's 40 here in "sunny" California... and I'm freezing my freaking tail off!!! I dunno how anyone lives anywhere else. "It's fun to visit..."


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I am so cold that even my goosebumps have goosebumps.
It was 58° yesterday, with sun, rain, thunder, rainbows, and wind.
Today it's 28° and snowing.


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Snowed for the first time in Decades on Monday.. The schools and the whole town shut down and made snowmen!! Whoo Hoo Snowday in CA!


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The summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting colder . . .

It's a sign that the end of the world is closing in on us (2012).


DARN, its one a those "bad days" in pensacola...........HIGH OF 58......))))))))))))))) and SUNSHINE.
yeah yeah yeah. you wont be singing that tune come hurracane season.

Florida is nice but i can't see living there if one day you house could be there and the next it won't.


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heaters? jeez, ok its not that cold yet in the uk, 10 -12, even 14 the other day. Go out and buy some body armour under clothing it works.