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Back in the biz.


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Hello all. I have been looking at signs 101 for a few months and I must say I really like the comunity feeling. I was in the traffic sign business for about 16 years. I got burnt and tried my hand at being a construction superintendant for a few years. But now I am back in the biz, and though much has changed, much is still the same. (except for the old gerber supersprint I use to use) My main customer base seems to be construction vehicles & equipment. Bla Bla I am talking too much. Glad to be a member, and I am sure I will come up with a thought pravoking question soon. ( I have included a pic of one of my first jobs, hope you like) Hay where is the spell check button?


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Fred Weiss

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Welcome to the boards. thanx for the nice comments. Glad to see you got the activation figured out.

Nice looking job.

Believe it or not the forum software used to have a spell checker. For whatever reason, according the the publisher, it caused a lot of crahes and conflicts so they discontinued it. I use Dictionary.com which is tied into my Firefox browser for spell checking. I just highlight a word, right click and Dictionary.com will look it up.


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Fred are you using a toolbar for this such as dictionary.com toolbar? I use Firefox myself however if I right click on a highlighted word I do not have an option to check spelling. Wondering how to set mine up for this. Thanks

Fred Weiss

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It's an extension for FireFox that you can download/install from this page:

Dictionary Search Extension

When you click the Install icon, it acts like it isn't doing anything because the file is only 60K. After you install it, highlight any word on a web page and right click it. The menu should include a choice the says Dictionary Search for xxx. Clicking it should launch Dictionary.com in a new tab and show the results of a search on the highlighted word.