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Question Back-Layed graphics on Clear Acrylic

What materials are you guys using for back-layed graphic on Clear acrylic? Are you using Poster material with an optically clear adhesive laminate?

I'd love to hear what others are using.


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We print on clear, reverse image. Back with white vinyl. Mount to acrylic. Most will get another layer of black or other blockout vinyl so nothing shows through (most whites are pretty translucent.)


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Flood it with screen ink or spray paint. Not a rattle can.... a real sprayer. Ya want paint on there, not hair spray.


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Agree with both responses, print on clear and either flood coat with white out of an HPLV gun or back with white vinyl to rich up the colors of the clear


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If you print on clear without white ink, but then back it with white, will it still be visible?


I've printed on clear and backed with white, but I prefer non-adhesive photo paper laminated with double sided optically clear mounting film. It just looks better, crisper, more vibrant to me that way. Some say they can't see much of a difference, but if you put them side-by-side I can definitely tell. There's more room for error with the mounting film, but IMO it looks finished in a more professional way.