Backing up - Let me ask you this


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OK, what would happen if I came in, took out the hard drive(s) from you main design and/or production computers and beat them flat with a hammer?

The reason I ask is this evening when I plugged in my main design/production machine it flashed like a camera and made some “Pzzzzzt - poof -sssssssss” sounds and stunk up the room, big time. The power supply had ate it own tail. Now this supply is a very nice Enermax, but is going on 7 years old, so I’ve got my $80 worth. (Just for reference the machine is updated bi-yearly, new MB, more RAM, HD upgrade, etc. The only old parts are the case and power supply)

I replaced the supply with a new one I had here (yeah I know, what a geek) and everything is AOK.

The reason I asked the question is that I am a paranoid, backup freak. Redundant hard drives, auto backup program, external hard drives, thumb drives, and DVD-RW’s. I use them all and I use them often but I find most people either don’t have a way to consistently backup or do and just don’t do it. Almost invertiably it takes someone losing everything to realize the importance of backups.

So, backup your data fellas. Back it up often and always think about what happens if your machine would die 5 minutes from now.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program basking in the fact that maybe, just maybe I'll save one person from losing data.


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You're not telling me anything new. I lost a lot of stuff years ago when I reformatted my computer. I reformatted the wrong drive (backup) and now I'm diligent about backup. I'm willing to bet that everyone has a similar story.


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20 gigs... the great crash of 2005...
I still have a folder called "crash of 2005" and it contains 50% corrupt files that do nothing... 50% files that may open with some or all of the data corrupted.

It was an incorrectly set up back-up system that actually caused the deletions. I had paid for the work to set it up, so it doubly sucked to lose data when I was trying to be taking a precautionary step... AND to have to pay the bozo that screwed me...

..but yeah, I also am a paranoid, backup freak now!


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I too have reformatted the wrong drive by mistake. I was lucky as heck as I had a copy of Winternals Disc Commander and it got everything back even though I had also repartitioned the drive. Of course now that MS owns them I have no idea how good the program is now.

Also, best $89 I ever spent was on SpinRite. It has saved my rear several times also and has paid for itself 100x over. I just ran it today AAMOF.