Need Help Bad Nozzle Checks all of a sudden


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Hello all,
I have a VJ1324 running OEM Ink, all was good, having perfect nozzle checks. I was printing a 10ft piece of a trailer wrap and it was flawless until the last 3ft, I started seeing slight banding in the red. Now every nozzle check is random and missing a lot of nozzles with all colors.

After sitting over night my first 2 nozzle checks are a lot better, not perfect. But after that they get horrible again. My maintenance station is almost 2 years old so I’ve ordered another one. The ink lines are solid from the cartridges to the head, and when I perform cleanings, I do see ink flowing to the waste tank. I’m thinking maintenance station, would that be right?

Thank you!

The first picture is the nozzle check after sitting overnight, the second picture is after printing a sample.


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First check your drain lines to make sure they are clear and when you run a cleaning cycle that ink is being pulled from the head through both tubes. You may need to run some solvent through to get them clear, or in bad cases you may need to pull the lines and use something thin to physically dislodge dried or clumped ink.

If that looks good and is working most likely either the Maintenance Station or just the captop are to blame. If the head isn't sitting on the rubber captop squarely and getting a good seal it will leak air and you'll lose vacuum/suction on the head. Sometimes the captop can warp over time as the rubber gets worn and more brittle from solvent.