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Bad Print Head?


New Member
Maybe this has happened to someone here. My Gerber Edge machine has all of a sudden stopped printing at only one point along the printhead, which leaves me with a graphic that has a line going through it where the foil did not get printed. Any one know what's up? It is rather old, so a bad printhead would not surpise me. Thanks,


Premium Subscriber
Possibly a bad head from a scratch or something dragging under the head. Try cleaning it. We've experienced small pieces of anything [belly button lint, assorted mouse droppings] getting on the head, not letting the resin go down properly.

Not really on the 'droppings', but small things can get tangled in somehow and prevent proper firing. :thumb:


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Thanks Gino, I'll give it another cleaning and see how it goes. Having a chat with my production crew about proper belly-button maintenence probably wouldn't hurt either. :)


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Of course you've tried cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol, correct? If that doesn't do it, you may have a blown ceramic print head. It will only get worse.

Be prepared for a $3000. repair bill from Gerber. Plus you have to crate the machine in their "own approved crate/box" or they won't accept it. Ship it to the east coast and wait. That's what happened to us about 4 years ago. At the time, we had their warranty in place, which saved us a bundle.

Good luck, maybe it's something simple. Hope so.