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Banding!!! DX2 Printhead Help!!!!


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Does anyone know where to purchase new DX2 printheads? In need of 2 ASAP so hoping there is some place in the US. I have purchased 4 in the last 2 months refurbished from ebay and have serious banding on everything I print. Some nozzles on all 4 of the printheads don't fire. 1 completely didn't work. Could this be a head rank issue or the need for a new printhead????

I've flushed out each printhead and the perform the same. I did not change any head rank setting when I replaced because I was not able to find the head ranks, but reading about the head ranks it doesn't effect the printing too much but the banding is horrible...see picture.


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how do your nozzle checks look?
in the simplest terms, the banding should be caused by one of two issues. because the heads are not printing a full pattern, or the paper is sdvancing slightly more than the pattern the heads are printing

i purchased some refurbished dx2 heads on ebay, and i am cureently trying to get acceptable results iin my fj-52. I will let you know what our result is some time next week


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It varies. I can get pic tomorrow. Half nozzles work for black. All work for Cyan and Magenta. LC,LM,Y is about 3/4 most of the time. I’ve drawn ink down the waste tubes to get any air out of the lines if there was any. I have a CJ500 converted to SC500. Tried yesterday for about an hour to get it into service mode to try to calibrate the feed but it was so stubborn and only went into service report not service mode. Will try to get to service mode tomorrow.
Glad to know I have been thinking I the right track! Thanks!