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Posting in 2 places as not sure where best - moderator - please move post as you see fit - thanks! Anyone have experience with bank change overs. In this case it is not a normal change over but one where the bank is simply changing its logo and letter style. Pitfalls ? etc. ? Have about 14 banks across about 75 miles. Completely familiar with all fabrication of channel letters, sign boxes, etc but curious if there might be something we are missing. Is there a "smarter"way this might be handled? Also, and in this area towns are all different, would it be blasphamy to ask the bank to get permits since they are already doing business and have business licenses at each location. Seems like it will really increase the price of the job if we have to go to each town, get license and permit for each job - or should we just include this in? I'm worried about "fly-by-nights" quoting without even mentioning permits and, boom, our price is way over. Thanks for any help.


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If you are doing the face-lift, from start to finish, why would the bank want to get involved with your line of work ??
Think about it, you do the site survey, you do the layouts and designs, you do the fabrication, you do the installation and you collect the pay. Why would they get permits ?? That's part of your job.

You know the old saying when customers want you to finance a job.... we always say, we're not a bank, we don't finance your work. Well......... the door swings both ways, they don't do signs and obtain permits.


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If you are worried aout fly-by-night sign shops not pulling permits, explain to the bank why you need to pull permits for this type of job and what could happen if a permit is not taken out. Educate them on the process, and ask them to ensure that all quotes they are getting include permits, so everything is even.


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the bank wont care who or what they just want the cheapest price. I know you want to be the "golden child" and mention this to show them your professional and you care but trust me, when it comes to money and bidding out, they could care less!


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In my state you are not required to have a separate license in each town, what country/ state are you working in?