Banner Material "Puckering" up


I am having a reoccuring problem with banner material. It seems to always want to pucker up and I get head strikes. I have a Roland SC540 printer. Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong or could do to try to fix this problem? In VersaWorks I am using the print profile for Banner Material.
I didn't know if it was an issue with it getting to hot, maybe a preheat setting or something like that?
Thanks for any help!

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The weight of the rolls is usually the biggest issue, are you letting slack off the roll or is it pulling direct?


I had some issues with my mutoh with banner material when my heater was up to high. I turned it down a little bit and it runs fine on either head height.


I used to have this problem. What I have figured out it this...

1: Make sure that the roll has slack on the back at all times
(This way the machine is not pulling the entire weight of the roll)
(Downside - You have to look at the printer every few minutes)

2: Use the media clamps

3: On the front you need to keep something pulling the banner down so that any wrinkles are pulled out. You have 2 options
A: Run extra banner material to a take-up reel before starting to print
so that the banner is pulled tight (this wastes material)
B: Put clamps on the material for weight until the material reaches the take-up reel
(Little spring hand clamps with the orange handle and tips... I use 2 on each side)

I run 13 oz banner with the heat settings and profile from Versaworks. I think it is the generic lightweight banner vinyl profile, but I am at home and not 100% sure. Anyway, this is what I have found works for me.


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Just had a customer come in with pictures reflecting the same problem. Pre-feed is the most common issue. If you are using 50 meter rolls, the weight of the roll causes feed/wrinkle issues. Therefore, pre-feed/slack in the roll is simplest solution. In the slack, you may want to consider placing an empty banner roll in the valley of the slack


Had this issue before, turn down the print heat. Mine for regular vinyl is 112 and banner is 90. The dryer heat on my machine is at 104 for both vinyl and banner material. I don't pre-roll out any material and never get head strikes with the heat setting.

I use the normal small media clamps.


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unroll your banner till it gets close to the floor prior to printing. This will allow slack from the roll. When the printer takes up the media and the roll is too heavy, it will pucker up. you can also adjust the head height by reaching in by the print heads. there is a lever to raise it up