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banner printing problem


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Hey all! im printing with a slightly mod. Orcal 3651 profile and my heaters set at 20c. and im getting horrible color clarity, it's blotchey and not a solid color at all. here is a pic of a banner im printing that shows this.:help:


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How far into the roll are you printing? It looks more like some sort of contaminate is on the material. I always roll out about 4-5' on the begining of a roll just because I've had this happen too often, better to waste a little more material than material, ink and time!
If you think its the heat setting check the platten with the back of your hand (or with a cloth glove on) after it has warmed up for consistant tempurature. Does it print like that on other material using the same profile?


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yeah it did clear up towerds the end of the print on the blotchey-ness but the colors on it just dont look like solid colors, mabie i was thinking for banners that i should up the in leavel limits?


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Yes, pop the temp up to at least 40+c, the ink will have more bite and your print will look much better. At 20c it will not penetrate properly and will look washed out due to ink being transparent and laying on top of the media


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20 degrees is barely room temp, But i could never print on my falcon Jr at over 30 without all kinds of streaks from the pinch rollers. I have had others tell me they print at 35 and 40 or higher and I just don't know how that's possible with Ultra inks. Infact I had a PDF from mutoh that gave suggested temps on different materials and with the ultra inks they were substantially lower that the Plus inks.

You can find all kinds of Profiles for banner material, why are you using a 3651 profile?


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yeah i print on 3551 at 50 degrees c. and it looks sweet. i will try tomarrow morn upping that. the only reason i went down is i posted a while back when i fist got the banner material and some guys were even sutting off the heaters. as far as the profile it was suggested, but i did just d/l a banner profile so i will also try that tomarrow morn. thanks for the help.

Mike Paul

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Did ya have KFC for lunch?:tongue:
Like Greg said, that looks like finger or hand contamination. Lint free gloves will help avoid that but if the blotchiness is consistent throughout the material either your profile is not up to par, you have bad material, or your heat settings are to low.


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I just recently did a post on this very same thing. Came to the conclusion that the banner was contaminated at least for the first 4 or 5 feet. I guess I learned the hard way. I guess I will have to start factoring this into my pricing as you dont actually get as much square footage out of a role than you think.


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Yep, looks like contaminated material. I've had banner material that had random handprints, etc throughout the roll---not just at the beginning. And defects will be more evident in light colors and greys due to less coverage.

Now, I'm using a different printer (Mimaki JV3) and different inks (Triangle JVS--full solvent), but I typically print banner between 45-50C. At 20C, the ink would likely not "bite" at all for me.


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ahh it was worth the splocheyness(KFC)!! lol, i did install it with viny powder free gloves. but i could of easaly brushed up against my arm or something. good idear problly to just cut 3-4 feet off when i change to banner.

high impact

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Brushing up against your arm will not cause that unless you are one sweaty dude! ;-)

Looks like contamination here as well - crank up that heater...that's too low.


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I print 13oz banners on a falcon Jr, heaters at 50, bi-directional. I print everything as hot as the material will allow without buckling. Only heat transfer material gets turned down. Looks like a material problem if it"s in one spot.