bar table printing?


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Guy wants his bar tables for his motor cycle club printed. If I use something like what we use for police decals laminated will that hold up?



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Not for long.... we did a few. Prints on unlaminated cast 3m, apply to the bar/table, flood coat with clear epoxy.


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thanks for the 411. that is what i thought. i will chat with the customer on this.


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We did some a few years back, and still on last time I checked, we cleaned the top really good, printed on intermediate and used floor lam overlam.


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There is a traditional UK signwriter named Ron Lloyd, who does outstanding painted bar tops like you would not believe.
Could you not take a page from his notebook and varnish over the prints?
(I don't know anything about prints)
The bar that we go to sometimes has those business card things embedded in a clearcoat table top somehow. Not certain of the process.

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Epoxy coating or clear urethane over the prints will help it endure the abuse... We made Wood blocks for a fair company that we printed vinyl then urethane coated them and they are still holding up.


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So is that just the paint on coating from the hardware store or is there something I can find at my local sign shop?

Christian @ 2CT Media

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We just used the Outdoor deck grade Spray Can urethane and did 4 coats. They also have roll and paint on types, and many different grades of urethane or epoxy... We got ours at a lumber store, none of our sign supply companies carried anything we could use for our application.


We printed the name of a Pizza shop here in town for a contractor. He was making small tables that looked like the box they put the pizza in. Big decal on the table top, four small ones on each side.

Used Oracal 3165 without any lam.

After he had them done, he painted the tables white and applied the decals and just used polyurethane paint to cover the whole surface. Still holding up after about five years.